Types Of Irons Included In Golf Iron Sets

Golf clubs are the most important equipment used for the sport. Being the most common club type sold by distributors, shopping for golf iron sets is very easy to find. They come from different brands and distributed by reliable golf shops.

Iron clubs drive golf ball to the hole and users must know the iron types used on their clubs because they contribute on the effects of propelling the golf ball to the target.

Iron types are divided into two main types.

Numbered irons

Iron clubs have numbers representing their loft measurement. Loft refers to the angle between the vertical plane and the face. Loft measurement increases as the numbers on the club increase. The usual number range used on clubs is from 3 to 9, but some sets may have 0 up to 12.

Golf EquipmentNumbers on irons indicate the ball’s drive. Specific numbers fall into different categories that contribute to their performances. The driving iron, or also known as 1 iron, looks like a butter knife and thus receiving the same title. Its face has the smallest surface area, but having the most length among others in golf iron sets.

Long irons include 2 to 4 irons. Similarly with 1 iron, long irons have the lowest loft, but with long shafts. These irons are the best ones to use for long distance shots at low angles. Golfers use these clubs if they need to serve the ball from difficult areas like under trees.

Golf clubsMid irons are comprised of 5 to 7 irons. Players often use these clubs on hillier courses because of their longer shots while preventing getting in contact with low rise. These clubs often get into play during second or third shot of a par-4 or par-5.

Short irons are the clubs with massive club heads in golf iron sets. Due to their designs, these clubs are best to use for shorter shots that require higher lofts. Its design leaves an impression of being the easiest to hit. Nevertheless, resources indicate that some hits require utmost accuracy to ensure proper shot.

Wedge irons

Wedge irons have their unique functions in hitting golf balls. Rockbottomgolf.com you get best quality Golf Iron Sets. This class has higher lofts compared to the numbered clubs and ideal for short-distance shots. Due to their designs, manufacturers incorporated several elements to compensate for its club size and shorter shafts like placing a sole to keep it from digging to softer turf areas, which also affect the shot quality. Aside from short-distanced shots, wedge clubs also prevent excessive rolling once the ball dropped on turfs. This implies better control particularly in tough golfing situations.

Golf DriverJust like numbered irons, wedges golf iron sets also come in various classifications brought by their functionality.

Pitching wedge is designed to get the moniker and having the lowest loft among this set. Conquering sand bunkers is no problem with a sand wedge. Its wide soles make it possible for players to escape sand bunkers and be closer to goal.

The gap wedge received such name being the middle option between pitching wedge and sand wedge. This club is different because of it causes golf balls additional bounce upon landing.

Golf Iron Sets

Finally, a lob wedge has the highest loft measuring up to 70 degrees. This high loft measurement makes it possible for the player to hit the ball over the any obstruction that may keep it from landing properly.

Without a doubt, golf iron sets have different club types designed for specific functionalities. Several of these irons are recommended for beginners although taking the sport seriously means the need to invest all of them in the end since the course challenges will be tougher to conquer without the right club.

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