The Many Faces of Custom Coins

It’s not just a humble piece of metal object. There is more to it than just symbols and colors inscribed on a metal plate, and it is certainly more than just a simple type of adornment, keychain or memorabilia. Custom coins have many faces to represent and are important to their receivers as much as they are for the givers. Read on and find out how these small coins provide significance to the lives of its holders.

What’s a Custom Coin?

A custom coin is a piece of rounded or shaped metal medallion printed with an organization’s badge, logo or insignia. It is usually given to members of a group as proof of membership, as a reward for exemplary service, as personal memorabilia, or as a visitor’s keepsake. These coins have no corresponding monetary value, and anybody can have a coin created for their own intended uses.
Custom CoinsCustom coins become fast favorites in the giveaway department today. It is beautiful, sturdy, unique and fun. The coins can be used as a challenge coin, placed on buckles, displayed a home or on the office desk, worn around the neck, or used as a keychain.

Who Uses Custom Coins?

Various custom-made coins are used by many organizations and even individuals. Here’s a quick run-down of them:

•    Military Services

The military have been constantly using custom coins ever since World War 1. These special coins typically bear the unit’s name and badge, and are used as forms of identification for the soldiers. The coins represent the bonds of brotherhood of these uniformed men in service. The coins are also excellent sources of pride, confidence and morale. For instance, when a soldier gets commendation for rendering good service, unit commanders usually give out these special coins as form of recognition.

•    Police and Fire Departments

The sacrifice of policemen and fire marshals are always worth recognizing; hence, police coins and fire department coins are created as a means to acknowledge their valuable work in public service. As in the case of military coins, these specialized police and fireman coins are given to members of the departments as form of unified identification and as morale boosters.

•    The Corporate Jungle

coinsThe business world is also among those organizations using custom-made coins. Specialized coins become a popular go-to keepsake for the employees and visitors alike. Corporate coins typically bear the name, logo and motto of the particular company. The coins are great representations of the company and their excellent reputation. These special coins serve as awards for the distinguished service of its employees. You can also offer them on special company occasions like anniversaries and significant company milestone celebrations. Coins can also be presented to esteemed corporate visitors and other company clients as a memorabilia and a simple token of appreciation.

•    Non-Profit Organizations

Custom-made coins are also used by some non-profit organizations. Like the usual customized coins, non-profit organizations’ coins may contain their name, logo, and the cause they are championing. The coins are unique ways of representing these organizations as well as their chosen causes. Non-profit organizations can have simple coins made to be resold as fund raisers for their various projects. Specially made coins can also be produced and given to their donors and helpers to recognize their generosity in extending help for the organization’s beneficiaries.

•    Customized Coins for Personal Use

Who says only organizations can have customized coins? Individuals can have it made, too! Civilians outside the military and police fold can also have their coins made for any purpose they want. Coins are typically used as inexpensive giveaways in family events and gatherings. A person can have special coins made to give to his family members; after all, it’s an exciting and unique form of family identification. These coins may bear the family surname and their coat of arms or family motto.

Where to Order Coins?

Many companies creating specialized coins are sprouting around town today, but it’s best to trust expert coin makers to ensure the finest quality coins for everyone’s satisfaction. Here at Challenge Coins 4 Less, creating high quality custom coins is our dedication. Attention to detail, free artwork assistance, quality products, fast service, no-fuss ordering system, and affordability- what else can our customers ask for?

A custom coin is not just a piece of metal coin carved with symbols and colors. It has many faces to show. Our coins represent various facets of work with their corresponding values and dreams. These also symbolize brotherhood, public service, hard work, charitable work, and loyalty, among others. Our customized coins are not just sheer external objects to display. They can also have deep connection with the person who carries it. Remember – there’s always value and meaning hidden behind the shiny metal finish of a colorful coin. is best provider of coins who provides custom coins in variety of forms.

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